Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things lately

So Shon has been away since the middle of february. I got to go see him at the beginning of march, but only for a few days. BUT, he is finally coming home on sunday!!! I am so so so excited!!! When he gets back we are going to go meet his cousin for lunch who is about to get married, so I'm very excited for that. I also have my last day of work at the gym tending to the little ones next wedensday. I love all the girls I work with, but I keep getting colds and stomach flu's from all the babies. I get sneezed on at least 2x each shift and my body just can't fight ALL the icky microbes floating around in aerosols. I just learned that that actually can happen in my microbiology class. gross I know.

On another note, Jess, Josh and baby Henry came to visit and that was super fun and surprising! I don't have a camera so I'm sorry for the lack of photos on this blog... I'll work on that. Anyway Henry is getting so huge! he is such a happy little baby! he is 4 months now! It was so good to have them come visit!

School is going great, just a bit boring since the love of my life isn't there, but it's ok, classes are almost done and despite all the craziness of this semester I am still managing to get good grades. Heavenly Father has definitely been pouring out blessings!!!!

Oh and I got asked to bring desserts to a wedding! I feel like I'm finally getting my foot in the door of dessert catering! Of course there will be no money involved, but it's going to be so fun to make so many treats at once! ahh I'm so excited! especially because then i don't have to et all the leftovers and get sick! Hopefully I'll get asked to do more weddings!!