Thursday, January 2, 2014

My story about baby ruined body

There is a blog post that has gone viral about a woman talking about how the scars from having a baby are beautiful and represent wonderful things! I loved that she was speaking out on how society views our bodies but how we as mothers should. This was my response in support of her thoughts.

My husband and I have tried to have a baby, we've had surgeries, done all kinds of tests, taken all kinds of medications. I have been battling an illness that we don't quite understand, but I cannot have a baby. because of all the medications and treatments and my bad reactions to almost all of them I have gained 60lbs in 6 months, and I have scars from the surgeries and serious stretch marks. My husband and I look at my body and instead of seeing it disfigured and a reminder of the nightmare I put my body through, we look at it and see triumph! I have fought for 14 years to keep my body in the best health to try and have a baby when the time came, I fought so hard and had so many surgeries and tests and this past year we gave it everything, just to find out that no, a baby will not be possible. But I look at my body and each scar, stretch mark, injection site, extra weight and needing a whole new wardrobe as a testament to our fight, we didn't win the battle but we were victorious with our efforts, we sacrificed everything. and so yes my body is not stunning anymore but it is a badge of honor and courage that we did everything we could, and now I am at peace knowing that I can't have a baby not because I was afraid to sacrifice everything but because I did sacrifice everything to try and bring one into this world. And that peace is so important as we pursue other options for raising a child. a lot of people look at me and talk about me behind y back about how I got fat so fast, but my husband and I know what that took, and we are proud of what we endured together.