Friday, December 27, 2013

So much has happened

Hello! So much has happened since I last wrote, sorry! I almost forgot I even had one! We've had so much excitement here at home that the days have flown by!

So we finally got our foster license to care for disabled children! A week later we got twins! Due to several laws we aren't allowed to tell you any real details about them or their history, or post pictures of them, so I'll try to give you as much info and tell you how exciting everything has been!!

For privacy reasons we call them Squash and Spud. Squash is super chunky and when he sits on you, he squashes you! its really adorable actually. Spud looks like a super cute little sweet potato spud, he's a bit teeny and adorable. we think they are identical, but one is definitely heavier than the other!

When we first got them it was mid October, they had just turned 1. They love each other very much which was clear right away! We tried to have them sleep in different cribs but in the same room, but they were so happy to be together that they just talked and talked all night and wouldn't sleep!

Now they each have their own room and everyone has spoiled them with clothes and toys galore! And they most definitely got spoiled this Christmas! Some of their favorite things to do are eat, crawl over each other and bulldoze when convenient, and put everything in their mouths. Spud is super picky with food but in a weird way, he loves fruits and veggies, but doesn't like meat at all or anything even slightly warm!

The Chunky one loves all food, and getting kisses. if you say to either of them "Can I have a kiss?" they will lean in and kiss you! Squash tends to lick you more than give a tiny kiss but its really adorable. They both can clap now, drink out of sippy cups, and pull to standing. They are great at crawling, which we didn't expect so we had to completely re-do our living room to be baby safe!

They are super adorable and very happy. They like to go on walks and on drives, but if you stop for any reason they aren't happy standing still. And in the car they want to hear music on the radio, if they can't hear it they get very grumpy.

We love having them! It has been so fun to be a mommy! Ken is an amazing dad! It has been so fun! We took them to see the Mesa temple Christmas lights, and they liked that a lot. Ken and I were sealed at the Mesa temple on the 14th, which was the best day of our lives! We love the gospel and are so happy to be sealed! That means Ken and I are married for this life and all through heaven!

We loved watching general conference and hearing the Prophet Thomas S Monson speak! And my parents gave us a very beautiful picture of Jesus the Christ that they decorated themselves! You can learn more about the temple and the Gospel at or

If you are interested in learning more about foster care, message me or look up our agency! We love them and have had such a great experience getting trained and licensed and now having such beautiful babies! our agency is "All in the Family". they do both regular foster care and disability foster care.

I'll try to be better about posting about our little angels and the exciting things in our life! Here are some pictures. I got a new camera and computer for Christmas so I have to get all the kinks worked out but then lots of pictures to come. unfortunately you can't see how cute our babies are, but if you want to come over they love visitors!!
My parents at our house for Christmas dinner!

Ken and I at temple lights

Ken in his awesome leather cardinal helmet my parents got him

Beautiful nativity scene at the temple

Us at the temple

The star at temple lights!

Ken opening his stocking

me opening presents

Statue of Christ

cool light shot of the temple

beautiful mesa temple