Monday, June 27, 2016

Service Spotlight and Announcement!!!

Sorry I didn't post last week. We have had the huge Cedar Fire burning in our background. We went to the valley to visit family and take a break from our home that was full of smoke! Talk about a great test run for my emergency preparedness!

Did anyone make cards or go visit the nursing homes in your area? Have you had any great experiences with service? Drop me a note, I would love to hear what you've been up to!


 I am going to start a humanitarian group here in our home!! It will be so great to have women get together and make care kits, sew blankets and skirts, collect donations, and pull together to help those in need. I'm super excited. If you don't live near me in Northern AZ, but still would like to be a part of the group, check back on the blog for the weekly service spotlight to see how you can help!! If you would like to do service as a family and be involved in my group, awesome! There is always something to do!

Service Spotlight

Service doesn't have to be huge, take a lot of time, cost a lot of money, or be stressful or difficult. If it is feeling that way then take a step back, downsize, and just do what you can. We are not expected to save the world or fix everything. Write a card this week to someone who seems sad, or make friends with a new family in your neighborhood. Search online to find organizations that you would be able to help with. Setting aside time for research is huge. I sometimes expect that service opportunities will fall in my lap, sometimes they do, but more often than not I have to search them out. Opportunities of diverse service are out there, they just need to be found!

Nervous to Serve?

I've been thinking a lot about service lately and how blessed we are to live in the United States of America with all of our freedoms, opportunities, and blessings. I think it is very important to share the great blessings that we receive with others, even though we may not have a lot to give.

You see, something is more than nothing. People love to be thought of, to have others go out of their way to share kindness, and to be a part of something. When was the last time someone did something really nice for you and you thought, " man I hate that they thought of me. Why do they keep giving me blessings?" Exactly. That would never happen!

Sometimes we feel that people will be offended or not like us if we give them service because they don't like to receive "Charity". Usually they don't like it because people have made a big deal out of it, or the service they received was presented in a rude and hurtful way. When we give service, it is best to be kind, humble, and not to draw attention to what the person or family is deficient in. When we treat one another with dignity, respect, and love then they will feel those things. There will still be some people who look for things to be offended over. If that happens, just move on.

Let's get started!

Talk with your family, pray for opportunities and inspiration, and start researching!! Comment, email, message, or text me your info and I will make sure you get updates on what is happening in the group!
Know any organizations or opportunities that you would like to pursue? Let me know and we can check it out!!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Happy Service Sunday!

I'm back from my incredibly long break settling in to our new house.

I'm going to be doing a new thing on Sundays all about service. Check out the tab at the top of my blog for more info.

Father's Day is next week, as I'm sure you know. I was thinking about ways my husband and I could bring some happiness to the fathers who may be lonely. Mothers Day was actually pretty hard for me this year. Loss is very difficult to deal with, especially on days where you are constantly reminded. This made me think maybe others will experience the same sadness on Father's Day.

My husband and I live in the country, but there are still a couple of nursing homes here. I'm sure there is a nursing home in your town, or at least in your closest city where you get groceries. There are lots of men in nursing homes, and presumably a lot of them are fathers.

Even if they aren't fathers, everyone enjoys being shown love and respect. If you have children at home you could help them make Father's Day cards to pass out to the men at the nursing home. You can call the home and ask how many men they have, or if that is too many, maybe ask them for the number of men who do not have families close, or how many are in one wing. Once you have the number, get crafting! Then next Sunday deliver the cards with your family!

You don't need to visit with each gentleman, just saying "Happy Father's Day" will be perfect! Although people really love looking at children's drawings, you could always make cards yourself. I'm sure they would appreciate a lovely and more sophisticated card too.

Call and ask if you could come and sing a few songs, or go room to room on a specific wing and have a short visit with the members. Or you could ask when their common room time is and see if you can go play games, or help serve one of the meals.

Everyone likes to be remembered and thought of. Have any other great Father's Day ideas to serve the nursing homes in your community?