Saturday, February 9, 2013

our food storage/ emergency preparedness!!!

What I did and how I spend so little!!!
What I bought...... at WINCO!!! it's amazing!!

4 bags pasta
4 boxes baking soda
1 large can baking powder
1 large can cornstarch
1 large can oats
4 cans black beans
4 cans chick peas
12 cans peas
12 cans green beans
12 cans tuna
2 boxes cake
2 large 5 gallon food safe buckets with gasket lids
30 lbs rice
3 10 lb bags flour
oil- large
2 jars of chicken bullion
5 lbs sugar
and some cereal and bread and other things for food for right now
and I only spent.... $89.00

Then at the dollar store I got:
aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen
gauze pads
a thermometer
10 razors
2 deodorant
1 50ft poly rope
50 alchohol prep pads
hydrogen peroxide
rubbing alchohol
1 4 pkg toilet paper
creams for wounds
2 ace bandages

I am putting all of these plus some other supplies I already had in my backpack
We are storing everything under the bunk beds so there is easy access and not everything is in the kitchen- 2 reasons, there isn't enough space and what if there was a fire in the kitchen? or the room? that way we can have a back up system
we also have a first aid kit in each car

I had a dream a few nights ago that there was a major disaster and we had no food and no emergency supplies, it was awful! I woke up all afraid! so then I went and got prepared!

My goal is to spend $100 each month to add to our food storage/ emergency preparedness-
each trip to the store I buy 2 water jugs, and 4 more cans of food
next month I need to buy 2 tarps and 2 emergency blankets

when we have foster children my goal is to have enough food and supplies to tend to their needs in an event of an emergency! if you have any one you know who would like a service project, we an always use childrens blankets, books and clothes for them!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Now you know

It comes on slowly,
like falling asleep.
I sit and wait,
then it slowly creeps
in orange rolling heat, like a
red hot ocean wave,
spreading and lapping against the
deepest places and
against the bones.
Gnawing, biting, lashing, chasing any
hope of peace or relief
Then slowly yet suddenly
it somehow gets worse.
All breath is gone,
all explanation or reason is
and there you face it,
dead on, but you never
conquer it.
The red hot flare freezes every fiber,
and engulfs you in ice,
where you remain frozen with a
despair so deep, it's
and you know you will never escape its
scratching jaws.
The inside bleeding to relieve the
yet even then it comes, more waves of
icy heat
lapping against the soft places and slamming
into the bones.
Yelling, screaming, each cell
yet the best way for the whole to survive
is utter, deadly silence.
I face it head on and prepare myself for the
and pray and scream out to the
to help me through.
I know He is with me,
holding me up,
calming my mind to
the next one, and the next one
and the one after that.
And when I know He is
I begin to fold, and fear
I can't continue, but still the
rage comes, sharply, stinging
reminding me that I am 
here, now.
Yet threatening to end my utter
with the severity of the
orange, red, blackness
eating away.
It laps at the soft places,
tears a hole to form a nasty
oozing tumor to join
 its hundred other brothers
planting their battle tents,
riding the wave to bite
and slice
and destroy more and eat away
whats left.
And still I can't breathe, and the
severity is so great the
orange has heated to a burning
black, fierce with rage. I keep praying for the
unconsciousness to come,
but somehow mt body is too
and so I suffer the blackness,
wide awake,
eyes bulging yet seeing
The waves slap and thrash
coming, never ceasing,
never the promise of low tide.
The blackness takes over,
and I cling to
and ride the waves with
blind fear, and stalwart
And somehow I'm still breathing and still
and the orange black lava keeps
melting, enveloping, pouring
over into my soul, and the
seed is nourished by the black
This is my pain.