Saturday, February 9, 2013

our food storage/ emergency preparedness!!!

What I did and how I spend so little!!!
What I bought...... at WINCO!!! it's amazing!!

4 bags pasta
4 boxes baking soda
1 large can baking powder
1 large can cornstarch
1 large can oats
4 cans black beans
4 cans chick peas
12 cans peas
12 cans green beans
12 cans tuna
2 boxes cake
2 large 5 gallon food safe buckets with gasket lids
30 lbs rice
3 10 lb bags flour
oil- large
2 jars of chicken bullion
5 lbs sugar
and some cereal and bread and other things for food for right now
and I only spent.... $89.00

Then at the dollar store I got:
aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen
gauze pads
a thermometer
10 razors
2 deodorant
1 50ft poly rope
50 alchohol prep pads
hydrogen peroxide
rubbing alchohol
1 4 pkg toilet paper
creams for wounds
2 ace bandages

I am putting all of these plus some other supplies I already had in my backpack
We are storing everything under the bunk beds so there is easy access and not everything is in the kitchen- 2 reasons, there isn't enough space and what if there was a fire in the kitchen? or the room? that way we can have a back up system
we also have a first aid kit in each car

I had a dream a few nights ago that there was a major disaster and we had no food and no emergency supplies, it was awful! I woke up all afraid! so then I went and got prepared!

My goal is to spend $100 each month to add to our food storage/ emergency preparedness-
each trip to the store I buy 2 water jugs, and 4 more cans of food
next month I need to buy 2 tarps and 2 emergency blankets

when we have foster children my goal is to have enough food and supplies to tend to their needs in an event of an emergency! if you have any one you know who would like a service project, we an always use childrens blankets, books and clothes for them!

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