Monday, March 18, 2013


Today I found out I have RA which is Rheumatoid arthritis. I have bone spurs and nodules that are all over my spine. It's genetic. I have been in severe pain for 10 years and it has been getting worse with each day, now we know why. Now I know why I could never do my arabesques as high as the other ballerinas, or bend my back as far back, now I know why my back is always hurting, and why the normal treatments for endometriosis did not work for the pain.

on the bright side I don't need narcotics! yay! I am soooo happy about that. and I will get to go to physical therapy, hopefully starting in the next few days! They did a bunch of blood tests on me to see how bad my ra really is, and to make sure my other connective tissues are doing ok. We also get to have a baby, and since the lupron killed off the endometriosis that I did have, we are all set in that department! All I have to take is an antiinflammatory that is super safe and hopefully effective! I will begin seeing a rheumatologist this week or next. Apparently they can give me shots in my back to stop the growth of the nodules and spurs and to reduce the inflammation.

This is all amazing news because I get to be a mom and a foster mom! and I am so looking forward to helping those special needs children because I understand what it's like to have a body that is a bit grumpy at times, ok all the time but ken and I are so happy to be able to give back and help! and I can still tend children just fine, I can lift them and play and go on walks and cook and do all my normal stuff. in fact its better if I move around and keep all my range of motion so that my body doesn't allow the RA to spread. isn't that sooooo exciting? we are sooooooooooo thrilled and can't wait to get our little lovies with special needs.

I am a little bit scared, I have a dinosaur back so I'm not sure if thats wicked awesome or frightening. I will have this for forever, but my grandmother also has it and she is 70 so I don't have to worry about a short life span from it:) It is not in my hands or feet as far as I can feel so I'm going to make sure to do exercises to keep them feeling great! It's a blessing we caught it to keep it from spreading, its just unfortunate it took 10 years. I've just begun my research and I know I have a ton more to learn about it, but it is manageable, I will not only live but I will thrive which is such a blessing! Thank you to everyone for your prayers and fasting and love and support! We know what it is and can face it head on!!

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  1. I'm so sorry about such a painful condition! That's awesome your so positive about it all! You make me want to be better! Ballerina tho? That was always my next-life dream. Thanks for your comments on That's So Cuegly. It kinda made my whole day.

    Best Regards,


    P.S. I love having online best friends too. Anytime!