Saturday, March 23, 2013

MOre fOOd

Hello lovelies! Today I'm going to show you some of my cooking sucesses and my stumblings along the way!
First I will start off with a main course. This is cilantro pork. I don't cupon because our paper has really bad sunday supons for some reason... so I jsut shop whats on super sale and use my rewards card like for frys or bashas and get really good deals. Like this pork, buy one get on free! sweet! so as you can see there is a bit of a mess, this bag happens to have a whole in it, a very big whole, which I did not realize until it was too late. no matter, the food tasted good anyway.
I mixed in a bag-
4 pork chops
a bunch of cilantro, I picked the leaves off half the stems because I don't like stems
some steak seasoning from frys
garlic powder
onion powder
half and half- because I have some in my fridge and need to get rid of it
then I mised that up really good then put crushed saltines in( i don't have breadcrumbs) and shook it all about, probably doing some awesome dance moves around my kitchen to give it more of a rachel flair! and then I dumped it all out on an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet. Our brand new meat thermometer is broken, so I had no idea when the pork was fully cooked so I didn't take a final picture because we had to eat the side dishes of dinner and dessert before ken said it must be done since i had it in the oven so long. so there you have it, cilantro pork. I served it with appleauce and cooked squash.
and now for a bit of dessert.

I made this chocolate cake out of a box because i tried to make chocolate cupcakes from scratch and something went horribly wrong and they sunk all the way down in the middle with super hard crunchy edges. yes those went to the trash. so I decided to make a fool proof dessert and make a cake. super easy out of a boc. walmart or frys usually has them the cheapest.
Icing- 1 stick butter
1/2 package powdered sugar
dash of vanilla
maybe some half and half- still trying to use it all up

So there you have it, a delicious entre with fool proof dessert.

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