Thursday, October 23, 2014

Surgery, Endometriosis, and Answers!!

Ok so if you don't want to know about my internal organs, check back for the next post!

So we did have surgery. Not a hysterectomy, because the doctor said my endometriosis is so aggressive it would still grow back. Weird that that can even happen. So instead he used this really cool robot called the da Vinci.

So our pelvic pain specialist is like the top specialist in the nation which is really cool! So he gave us a bunch of options which was really nice, and he treated me like I was his own daughter. It was wonderful and this kind of surgery is booked out 6 months! But we were the first patient early in the morning and late the previous afternoon they had someone cancel for the following Tuesday!

Off we went for surgery! With this cool robot it's a lot safer and the recovery time is much faster. I've had surgery for endometriosis before, but not like this. He cut out each and every endometrial implant, and sent them off to biopsy just to be sure there isn't anything else to be concerned about. He said actually cutting them out instead of burning them is more effective and we can wait longer before we have surgery again to do the same thing.

Last year we had surgery for this and it was at stage 2, and they only burned it out so it was already at a stage 2 a year later, even with 2 pregnancies ending in miscarriage. So basically my endo is crazy!

But he said there are better ways to manage it and that I'll only need this surgery about every 2 1/2 to 3 years and it will be much safer to leave most of my organs in!

That weird thing I'm holding is a mini heat pack. I'm wicked swollen from surgery but happy to go home!!!

This is about 24 hours after surgery and Ken is going to take me home. He's a little worried about me, but I did great!
Ken's mom stayed the night with me so he could get back to our foster kids, and a big THANK YOU to our amazing friend A.M. for watching them for a few hours for us so Ken could be there when I got out of surgery. I was really in and out, obviously, but when I saw Ken come to see me as I was waking up my heart monitor started going crazy!!
And a huge thank you to Ken's mom! She was amazing! She helped me get around and keep my spirits up! I'm so grateful she took the time off to stay with me and take amazing care of me! Thank you momma N!
And, probably the best thing that brought the most peace was the big ANSWER! I can't carry a baby past 6 weeks due to the lack of blood flow to my uterus. So I do have pelvic venous congestive syndrome but the Dr couldn't get to any of the varicose veins. They seem to be hiding where my upper thighs meet my pelvis. They injected some special dye to see where my blood flow was having issues. In a normal person the dye dissipates into the blood vessels in 20 seconds, after a minute and 30 seconds, I had almost all of the dye just sitting there!
Knowing what's actually wrong is very comforting. It brought us amazing peace and we finally felt really ready to just move on. We are trying to adopt through the foster system! I'm making tutu princess dresses to sell here on the blog for our adoption fund! When I get several made I'll post the page, so keep an eye out!!!
We have been so blessed by our Heavenly Father. Sometimes people with infertility get mad and bitter seeing other people who don't make the best choices able to have children at the drop of a hat. But Ken and I don't feel that way. We are so grateful for the mothers who decide to put their children up for adoption, and for the opportunity for us to adopt and bring a child into our eternal family!

We went to the gilbert temple to see our friends get married for time and all eternity!!!
We love being Mormons and we love having the Savior at the center of our lives!