Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things lately

Well hello!!!
How are you? I know it's been AGES since I wrote last. so many amazing things have happened. I did my challenge and learned a lot from reading the ensign and scriptures, and the Lord has sent way too many miracles to count!!!!

and the biggest one is..... KEN!!!
I met Ken in july when I started going to my new ward. He was super funny but I didn't think we were anything more than friends! then I kept talking about him and telling everyone how awesome he is! so my dad finally said to bring him over for dinner. so I did and that was that. I spoke to Ken's dear friend Bridgette who was quickly becoming my dear friend! and we all went to dinner at red robbin. Bridgette said that I should go for it and that ken was awesome. I was so worried about being hurt and abused again that I was ready to give up on all men, but she urged me not to and that he would be worth it!
So he asked if he could kiss me and I said yes. then he took me out to the desert and we had a date watching the stars and a movie in the truck with lots of blankets! it was so fun and romantic! and of course he was always such a gentleman and never did anything inappropriate, which I was so grateful for and amazed. he is quite the knight in shinning armor. and he asked me to be his girlfriend.
I was afraid to keep dating him because he was so nice and so gentle with me, never getting mad and always supporting me. so I would pray and pray and the Lord in his tender mercy would keep giving me the sweet answer that Ken  was truly amazing and I should not let him go!
then he told me he loved me and I cried because I knew I had found my true love.
then one day he took me to the desert and taught me to shoot better then asked me to marry him. we sent out paperwork to the first presidency and it didn't take long. we aren't sure why we have to wait a year, but we love and trust the prophet so we decided to get married then in a year be sealed.
Then I started to panic because I was so stressed about planning a ceremony and getting all the family together, which made me start to get sick.
So I asked ken if we could elope and w went to vegas. I didn't want anything cheesy so we went to a little white wedding chapel and the ceremony was beautiful! The words of the ceremony were stunning, and we were so happy to just be with one another and have our special moment. we were in our matching superman t shirts, and got married in a beautiful little chapel. then we had a honeymoon in the bellagio hotel and it was so nice! they upgraded us into a better suite when I told them it was our honeymoon! and we went shopping and went to a huge buffet that was super nice and delicious!
we are so happy and everything is working out amazingly well! I feel so good about our plans. I have been so blessed and happy. We are going to have an awesome reception on the 12th and hope you all can come! and in a year we can get sealed!!!!
we love you all! thank you for your support and encouragement!!!!

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