Monday, June 1, 2015

Date, Turtle and Singing Time

It's big news people, Ken and I finally went on a date! It's been like FOREVER! It was sooooo fun! We went to the movies and saw Pitch Perfect 2. We love fat Amy, she's hilarious. I like the first movie better, but this was still super fun!!!

I know, I felt like a weirdo tourist asking a stranger to take our photo at a movie theater, but yep I did it. Awesome.
Then we met my parents and my aunt and uncle who I haven't seen in ages for fish and chips and prime rib and a live band! I seriously felt like a newlywed again, it was so fun to get out on the town!
Look at that handsome man! We had so much fun going out to dinner without little kids clamoring for attention. It is really important to do fun things with our kids, but its super important to go out together and not talk about kids!
Also our good friends gave us Miss Penelope! She is our sulcata tortoise. She is a baby. They sell them so if you want a baby turtle I can get you in contact! Penelope is very tiny, likes her heat lamp, does not smell ( which I really like) and can book it outside like you wouldn't believe!!

See how tiny she is!? So cute!!
Here we are on our first night with Penelope at our house!
she also loves her lettuce
And totally unrelated, but fun! I made a sing or dare game for music time and it was so fun! I asked the children a question about the songs, and someone would pick a song, but in the song pile there were a few DARE cards! The dares were fun and reverent though, like standing on one foot for 20 seconds or singing the ABC's. Then if they picked a song, another child would come and pick out the actions we would do during that song. It was so fun! And the children are so fun and great at the songs, I love to hear them sing!!!
So it's been a super fun weekend!
And remember, go on dates and have a great time!! and turtles are wicked fun!

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