Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Acceptance Speech

So I was invited to interview at Midwestern University for the PA program. If you are offered an interview it means you are basically accepted, they just want to make sure you are as nice as you made yourself sound on the application.

But after lots of praying and fasting about if PA school was the right choice for me, I got a very intense no. Heavenly Father definitely knows that I need big answers so I can remember how the prompting felt if I get stressed. Because I stress, all the time! So it's been a very exciting and spiritual weekend for me! I canceled my interview and withdrew my application this morning. I also sent them a thank you note because it really meant so much to me that I could have done it! So here is a speech I would like to share, it's almost as if I won a grammy or something. But seriously, it feels so good to have made it and know I could have done it, but that I'm choosing something better for me that the Lord has in store.

I would like to thank all of my family members who have offered their advice and love and support. Particularly my mom and dad and sister. they have listened to me weigh all the options, helped me figure out what I really want, and loved me through it all. i would like to thank my friends for believing in me and helping me re-gain my confidence in myself. I would like to thank my wonderful man for supporting me with whatever I decided, even though PA school would have been a challenge. And most importantly I would like to thank the Lord for giving me the courage and the strength to do so well in school despite the difficult situations I was in. And For never giving up on me, even when I almost gave up on Him. I am so grateful for the opportunity to fast and receive personal revelation through fasting and prayer. I know that the Lord loves each of us, and that His plan will provide so much more happiness than anything I could have thought of. My life is so wonderful, and I am so blessed. I am taking this wonderful experience and letting it finish off a sadness and void, and moving on to the next great adventure of a Masters Program. Thank you to all my teachers and doctors and friends who believed in me, who knew I could be what I wanted and helped me see that. Thank you for believing in me.

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