Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some of my poems

It felt so lonely,
who could I talk to?
Had god stopped hearing me?
No, he was there,
always listening, always protecting,
always weeping with me.
And God gave me the
to escape.
He gave me the strength
I needed. He gave me
He kept me from leaving
the earth, he gave me
He never left me,
he will always be there,
he will always listen,
he will always

We all need attention
from others
to survive.
Without it, we die.

Wearing red nail polish
to the world, I am fierce,
don't mess with me,
I am one sassy lady.
It's like wearing your
on ten little ends,
so everyone will know
before they talk to you.
You mean business.
Too bad my big,
curly hair
gives it all away
before anyone gets
close enough
to understand the signal
of my red nails.

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