Friday, May 24, 2013

Dog Bite

Isn't his little tounge so cute!!!
So I've been on an animals resuce kick, and rescued 2 animals in one day. The First was a baby kitten, he was running across the street with 6 lanes of traffic!!!! So I pulled over, and so did a policeman. The kitty ran up into my wheel well and up into the engine, so I popped the hood and there he was! He had a blistered paw that had burst, probably from the hot tar. His eyes were goopy and his nose runny. So I took him to the vet and they said to take him to the animal shelter where he would get free care. It was so sad to see him go but he will get adopted really fast and get all better!
 I named him George Washington for his bravery crossing the dangerous road!

So then I went to my friend Danyelle's house and there was this super puffy looking dog walking around. I almost kept driving then I decided to turn around and investigate. He was so matted and dirty that he looked like a mangled mop. I decided to take him home! well not to my home but to danyelle's because she knows what to do with this sort of thing. So I brought him to her and we tried to cut out the mats. I accidentally cut his skin but all he did was make a tiny noise then let us keep going. It was as if he was used to grooming. And he was so sweet and so well behaved that I thought for sure we could keep him. But then we couldn't get anywhere with his fur and no grooming place would take him and it would cost like $100 just to get him groomed let alone his shots and stuff. So Danyelle said we could leave him in the backyard. I had to take my mom to the Dr the next day so Ken went to get the doggie and take him to the shelter. Well he did great with ken but then as he went to grab the dog, the dog bit him! Can you believe it? This same dog that let me groom him, or at least try to, and pick him up and put him in the car and get him out of the car. But one hand on him to get him in the cage from Ken, and that was it.

So here are some pictures of ken. One is his left hand, and the other is his right. We took him to urgent care and his hand was so huge!! It's doing better now, and I'm not allowed to rescue any more animals. Dannyelle is amazing and I'm so grateful she helped me even though I was being a bit silly.

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