Friday, May 24, 2013


It seems like almost EVERYONE struggles with some kind of fertility issues when they decide it's the right time to have a baby. So here's our story. I've had endometriosis for 10 years. Mine is a severe painful case, and the several OB's I've seen have said to just hang in there, when you are ready to have a baby we will make it happen.

 I had surgery a few years ago to laser all of the endometrial implants out, they are basically blood blister tumors that grow where they shouldn't. Mine grow around my uterus and I have been very blessed that although they cause extreme pain they have not grown on my ovaries. Last week I had an HSG test done, where they inject you with dye and look at your uterus and tubes. It is a totally miracle that mine look wonderful and are completely scar tissue free.

My OB is being extremely aggressive in figuring out why I haven't been able to gt pregnant, and why the pain is so severe, and how to avoid having a hysterectomy because everything is so bad in there. She has been amazing. We did all the other tests you can think of, and I have one more next week. Everything is looking good, except for the obvious endometriosis issue.

We decided to do the Lupron shot back in October which is supposed to kill off all the endometrial implants and give me a clean slate and the best chance to get pregnant. My endometriosis is now growing back with a vengeance no one expected, so my Doctor is rushing to get a baby in there and stop the growth.

Endometriosis grows out of control when you have your monthly period. The rate of growth is not parallel to the level of pain, so although my pain has increased, ( which I didn't think possible, apparently there is a level 15 on the pain scale of 10) but we don't know how many tumors are present. It is a huge blessing there is no scar tissue on the fallopian tubes and despite the tumors, as long as those are clear I have a better shot of conceiving.

The Lupron shot did some very interesting things. I got to experience menopause 20 or so years early, and it made walking very difficult on some days. We couldn't figure out why, and I spent thousands on acupuncture and tests and doctors visits to figure out why walking was painful. We discovered that I have fibromyalgia, which is an autoimmune disease. I take an awesome medicine that signals the nerves in my spine to calm down and now my pain is basically non existent. My endometriosis pain is still present but I can take ibuprofen and be ok with a heating pad lunch break. We have been very blessed finding the major source for my pain to be the fibromyalgia and with the new medicine I'm a new person!

But having a baby is still not happening. So we will do more tests and figure out what other medicines to try to move it along. Since my tubes are clear now we have a small window for success before the endometriosis grows out of control. So it may be a while and another surgery or two before we have a baby but my pain is under control, I have an amazing husband, and I'm trying to stay positive in other ways.

I started reading a book about understanding fertility and it was very frightening telling me all the ways endometriosis inhibits getting pregnant or how I'm likely to lose the baby if I miraculously conceive. But I know we are supposed to be parents and if I listen to the statistics and what could go wrong I will be discouraged and stressed and that doesn't help anything.

For now I'm furthering my candy and baked goods skills and inventing my own recipes. I am looking for great deals on baby things for when the time comes that we get our own! And I love holding my friends babies and helping them with struggles they may be going through. It's good to stay busy and to know that we are doing as much as we can in partnership with the Doctor and specialist and hopefully soon we can have a baby and keep it safe inside me!

I've really enjoyed recognizing the many blessings the Lord has given me. It's been so fun to set goals and learn new things. I've even written a primary song! and it's been so wonderful to continue to enjoy being married and having a fabulous husband. We have been so blessed and this is a trial that we will get through and we are staying positive and enjoying life despite the long wait for a baby. I've learned to not give up or be sad, there is so much to enjoy in life. And some day we will be parents, we might have to adopt but that would still be wonderful!

If you or someone you know struggles with fertility issues don't give up or get discouraged. Having the best doctors and specialists helps give you peace of mind, and staying busy and doing things that are fun and that you look forward to give you joy and hope in your life.


  1. Thank you for posting this. :) very inspirational.

  2. Thought you might be interested in reading this. I have been studying this and many other issues I believe related to diet for many years. I know you trust your doctors, and that is good but to be honest, the medical industry is trained to treat illness and or disease not to prevent. We spend all our time putting out fires instead of not starting or preventing them in the first place. I speak from personal experience and from my work in the industry. Here is a link you might enjoy reading with a success story from someone in your shoes.
    I would also encourage you to go the Dr. John McDougall's web site as well. Lots of great information.
    Mattie came home from college after the winter semester and had gained weight and after about 3 weeks at home she lost 10 lbs just from eating vegan again. Good luck I think about you often.

  3.'s a little bit strange that I am commenting on your blog. I ran into it forever ago when a mutual friend commented on facebook on a link or something like that. I don't remember! But anyways, you should really check out Pound the Pavement for Parenthood. They are sponsoring my brother and sister-in-law for fertility treatments (and another couple for adoption) and they have great support! They just put up something on their facebook page about doing a race in Arizona (did I see you live there now, once?) and they are taking applications...I don't know...It's something to look least to receive support! Their stories will inspire you! This is the link and information I saw, "This is HUGE people! We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications to be sponsored for our Christmas Miracle race that will be held in ARIZONA as well as our 2014 Season Kickoff Race held in COLORADO!

    Please visit our website to apply. Spread the word to your friends in those states! Let's make this happen!" I hope you are able to have your babies soon!