Friday, March 28, 2014

He loves Them

it pains me to see them hurt
why do they remember?
I wish they could be always safe from harm
but I know that I cannot guarantee that for their whole life

so I must trust them into the Lord
I know he will take care of them
He will watch and protect them

the poor things are not alone
they will always have Him
they will be in danger, may be hurt
may have their hearts broken
but He will always be with them

the songs we sing to them
and the prayers we say at night
soothe their troubled hearts
we want them to remember
how they feel here and remember
Heavenly Father's love for them

and I promised them that He will be there
always with them, and I know He will be.
we are trying to help them remember
it is so important they remember they are never alone
I can’t control who they will be
or who they will interact with
but I do know that the Lord will
always be with them. always.

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