Friday, March 28, 2014

Watch your Children

Parents, watch your children.
They are your most valuable possession,
and you don’t even own them.
You have been given the sacred task of
loving, caring and protecting them.

So why do you continue to fail?
I know you are tired, and other things in life
always seem to get in the way,
but that is no excuse.

Child abuse is something that can be
completely eradicated in our country, but
you have to stop the cycle.
Yes it’s easier to follow the footsteps
of those that may have hurt you.

But then you are just as awful,
allowing it to continue,
turning a blind eye to what your child
is living.

Eighty five percent of sexual abuse and rape cases
are from attackers you and your family know.
This means more than ever you must, as an adult,
choose your friends wisely.
Talk to your children about what to do
if someone tries anything with them.

Teach them to scream no, and that you will
never be mad, and that you will always believe them.
Tell them how much you love them,
and then show it.

At parties, at friends houses, in your own home,
watch them.
Watch their body language, their words, their reactions
to everyone.
And when you notice that your child is uncomfortable,
remove them.

I don’t care how much fun your card game is
or how lovely your afternoon lunch,
your child should come above everyone and everything else
including yourself.

Do some research, don’t pretend that because
you don’t know
that these things aren’t happening.
Because if you sit and feign ignorance,
who will protect and help your child?

Certainly not you.
And I promise you, that if your child
tells you and asks for help,
and you do nothing,
they will NEVER
trust you

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