Thursday, February 12, 2015

Holy Cow THRIVE!!!

So I'm conducting an experiment to see if I can get my body feeling at it's best. I started the Thrive 8 week challenge TODAY. It's a nutraceutical product full of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and all natural ingredients. I wanted to try it to help mainly with my overall inflammation and immune support. And boy am I HAPPY with it!

 My friends Denise Dexter introduced it to me because they know about the different health and wellness issues I've struggled with. My body has constant inflammation which causes severe discomfort and swelling. I have trouble focusing when reading for long periods of time which gives me headaches, I don't sleep well at night and I have busy days trying to take care of foster kids so I can't afford not to feel my best.

I called to say thank you to Denise and Dexter, told them about how amazing I'm feeling already, and was asked to share the incredible change in my body in just this first day! I'm going to share how Thrive has made a difference on a thrive experience call.

I would really love it if you would listen in and support me as I offer support and my experience to others! It's Wednesday the 18th at 7:30pm MST. The phone number is 605-562-3140 with access code 559464#  you will be on mute and get to hear me! ahh I'm so excited and nervous!!

Here's me Thriving! It's so easy and I can't even begin to tell you how great I feel. I'm going to take detailed notes on the amazing changes I see in my body. It works differently for everyone and is for anyone at any health level. I'm so excited to see "The Places I'll Go!"

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