Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thrive Week 1 Results!!! Miracles, total Miracles!

So, I started a log to see if this Thive Le-vel stuff really works. You be the judge. I dare you to try it for 5 days, and I guarantee you will be on it 5 years, or most likely the rest of your life!

weight= 170 lbs
inches around the most swollen part of my belly (making me look pregnant)= 43"
Inches around largest part of thigh= 24"

Yes, this is a maternity shirt, because my chronic inflammation makes me look pregnant, and no, I cannot have children so you can imagine how difficult this is.
Normal discomfort level including stiff joints, muscle cramping, headaches before Thrive= 8 (on over the counter anti inflammatory)
Normal swelling of belly ( as seen above), hands, knees, ankles, feet and the discomfort level of that before Thrive- 8
Now my normal discomfort level taking Thrive Le-vel of the above swelling and general discomfort- between a 2-4 daily. That's down 4-6 whole points on the number scale!!!!
Ken and I decided before we tried Thrive that if it took either my discomfort levels or swelling down 2 points on the number scale we would consider it a success. We both feel these results after just one week are not only a success, but a miracle.

Weight= 167lbs unwavering. ( throughout the day it will dip lower, so I chose the highest number that it never goes above)
Waist at most swollen part right under belly button= 41"
Thigh= 23"

General improvements noticed within the first 3 days that have just kept getting better!
1.  Sleeping through the night, falling asleep quickly, and if woken by the baby fall back to sleep quickly. (Before Thrive I wouldn't be able to fall asleep until 3-4 am, which makes for a grouchy mama bear).
2. Energy at a high 8-10 daily compared to my previous 2-4. Now I can give my foster kids a run for their money, no tired mama here!
3. Mental clarity- my eyes do not tire easily anymore while reading. I can plan meals, organize ideas and think through chapters for the book I'm writing, keep paperwork organized and stay on top of what needs to get done when ( This is especially critical as we have started our ADOPTION paperwork!!)
4. Confidence! I can't tell you how much more confident I feel when I get up in the morning. I feel like superwoman again, like back in my high school days! Today I'm going to change the world! And I'm doing just that, service that I've wanted to do for friends, teach my foster kids important lessons, plan ways to participate in my community, run errands, make healthy dinners- there is life changing power in healthy dinners!
5. Not grumpy! I have so much more patience with my kids, I get less annoyed over little things and take moments that can be annoying and turn them into teaching opportunities. I think a lot of that has to do with actually resting well!
6. Not needing a nap when my kids go down for a nap. THIS IS HUGE! This started on day one taking Thrive and it threw me for a loop, I got so much done in those 2 hours where I normally need to nap to keep up with my family!
7. Fit into smaller clothes. I don't need my maternity shirts anymore, I wear a size Large now at Target! Awesome!!
8. Able to stand, walk, run multiple errands and still keep my discomfort levels below a 4!!
9. My stomach works! I'm not craving carbs and sugars, but healthy foods, and I'm not going back for seconds and thirds. I'm getting the right kinds of foods and nutrition needed and don't need to snack all day long or find carbs to feel full.
10. My body is reacting less severely to things. It's difficult to explain, but I feel amped and ready for any challenge, and my body feels calm and ready to face stressful things that may come up during the day.
I love Thrive, it's changed my life, and I can't wait to see the results Ken has after his gets here!! This is life changing and I'm so grateful to my friends Denise and Dexter who weren't afraid to help me find it!


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