Friday, September 4, 2015

Part 2: Women who have affected my life

In Maine I learned many skills from the leaders and women around me. I just want to highlight these amazing women and show how years later the things we learn in our youth really do matter.
My senior Pictures

Some of my most favorite experiences were with Sister Quinn. She taught me how to pipe a fantastic huge gingerbread house made from scratch, how to cook, and how to throw large parties. She taught me the importance of enjoying the food you make, and being selfless and fostering and adopting! She would come to my school and pick me up so I could have free cooking and baking lessons from her, and now I'm an excellent cook. I know how to make homemade spaghetti sauce, how to organize a kitchen, how to make candy and caramels, and how to make delicious and healthy meals. She taught me how to be a homemaker and how important the kitchen was as a place for not only learning such things as cooking, but also the truths of the Lord and why the Gospel is so important. I make the chocolates she taught me to make, I make the meals she carefully showed me how to prepare, and I always think so fondly of my time learning with her. She was and is an amazing woman and I loved learning from her.

My senior Pictures
Next: Sister Call. She was my young women's leader and helped me achieve the equivalent of the Eagle Scout award for young women in our ward. She taught me the importance of making a home a welcoming and sacred place where people would feel comfortable discussing problems and have a friend to help find the solutions. She also taught me piano lessons, and believed in me and my dreams. She was so supportive of my dreams, and taught me so many valuable lessons about forgiving others, serving where there is a need and helping others with their callings in church. She taught me to be selfless and to look out for the needs of others first. She taught me that the most important thing I could do and be in life is a good and loving mother and wife, and stay strong in my belief in the Savior. I'm so grateful to her for her spiritual nurturing and helping me grow my testimony of the Savior. She was there in times of family crises and was there in times of joy.

I absolutely love these women and what they have done for me and taught me. I try to continue to emulate their amazing and loving qualities, especially their selfless service. I'm so grateful for the things they taught me and the support they gave me. Who in your life has made a huge difference on the person you are today?

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