Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Immorality on the radio?!

On my way to help my friend I had the radio on a popular station that the young women in the ward listen to. I like it and I usually listen to is too, but this morning something awful happened! They do this prank call think where someone nominates a loved one to be pranked. This happens most mornings or something like it around 7-8pm, when most kids are in the car or on the bus on their way to school. Now i know school is out, but this kind of thing happens all year round.... and today I took a careful listen and was MORTIFIED!

You will not believe what I heard. Take a guess, I dare you. And your worst thought of what may have been on probably doesn't even come close! Now I'm not going to tell you the entire details of the call because it was so horrible and super inappropriate! But here is the gist-

Radio personality K was speaking to a mom about her 14 or so year old daughter. K was egging the mom on saying that this daughter has signed up to receive a tattoo. Honestly I don't know why these people don't just hang up when they can tell someone is being rude and totally pranking, but for whatever reason they don't. And K was claiming this young girl wanted an inappropriate tattoo on her inner thigh for very inappropriate reasons, and then to further prove her point K started making all kinds of super inappropriate sounds. K was claiming that this young girl wanted a tattoo to attract immoral behavior and then added horrible sounds on top of it. And I quickly changed the station.

I only listened to this station for 5 seconds before I was able to get to the button to change the channel, and I hear ALL that, in like 5 seconds! What kind of person does this and claims that someones child is sexually active and then makes fun of something completely sacred?

I'm trying to find the web page with details so I can call and complain about how inappropriate that is. And I know they will probably say "well you don't have to listen", but when you are scanning channels like I was and you hear that, its completely inappropriate and no one should have to listen to that garbage, let alone children or the wonderful youth in our ward! I've gotten extremely cautious and listening closely to things in preparation for our foster kids and for one day when we have our children. I'm 99% positive it was on 101.5 jamz with lady la but I can't find the sound bite. If you fine it let me know so I can call in!

My friend and I were talking just yesterday about how sweet and special the spirits are of children, and how sensitive they are to the corruption in the world, in tv shows, music, all kinds of media and they often perceive the negative things that we as adults seem to just tune out and pass over. But these negative things affect our children's spirits, and what does that say about us if we disregard it? Or if we are so used to it that it seems acceptable.

In my marriage and family class at BYU our teacher challenged us to go free of all media and entertainment that isn't conference talks and mo-tab performances for 3 weeks, and record our feelings in our journals. Then after 3 weeks go back to our normal habits and see if we notice a difference. Ken and I did this challenge a few months ago for a week, and it was really hard but we definitely noticed a difference  in our home and our attitudes and even our relationship. It was definitely hard but was very eye opening.

I'm not saying that everyone needs to listen to what I think is appropriate but I do think that our society needs to put a higher priority on morals. And I also think that things that are so blatantly vile should be stopped and that people need to take a stand. I also know that sexual relations are sacred and should be treated as such. It's so disappointing to hear such rude and inappropriate things on public radio.

Have you ever had to make a stand like this? What do you do to keep the media your family uses appropriate? What are some of your favorite radio stations that you don't have to worry about somethings so awful happening?


  1. Makes me sick, too.

    Last year Elise was shopping at Target with Stephen and was horrified to see a tween-aged girl in nothing but her underwear, on a huge sign over girls underwear. She was really upset about it and wrote a letter to Target HQ telling them how inappropriate that picture was and how she wouldn't want her brothers to even accidentally see a picture like that. She then invited all her friends in Activity Days to sign the letter and sent it off. I was pretty impressed--what if I organized my Relief Society sisters the way she organized her Activity Day girls to make a stand for truth and righteousness? I know they share my values, sometimes it just takes someone putting a voice to the outrage. Wouldn't a letter beginning "I represent a group of 50 women..." Carry some weight?

    So go and do, Rachel! :) (and then update me :)

  2. Thanks Claire! That's so awesome of her! I couldn't find the sound bite or the station it was from, I think they tried to delete it because the producers got on them or something, but I'll keep searching! Great idea to write a letter and have others sign it! Elise is awesome great job raising such fabulous kids!