Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sutton Diet

Some of you may have noticed that I've been getting a bit roundy all over, and no it's not from a baby. All the hormones in my body are freaking out as I'm trying to have a baby, and my body is starting to show the internal war it's been fighting on the outside.

I'm tired of going to the doctors and taking medicine and working really hard to be healthy so I can get pregnant, with no results. And to top it off, I'm swelling up. Like a lot, and its embarrassing. So I talked to several doctors about this annoying phenomenon and they are a bit puzzled. They've all told me it's from the hormones and it's to be expected. But I don't like that answer. My acupuncturist said that I probably have an infection in my gut, and my family practice doctor thinks that sugar is the cause of all illnesses. These events and ideas have prompted me to invent a diet that will help me loose the weird blubber that I seem to be attracting, and get my body in peak condition to grow a baby.

One doctor recommended a version of the Paleo diet. Emily has been doing this diet for about 2 months now and has lost 45 pounds! Great job Emily! But some things I don't agree with on the diet, or I notice make me feel sick or if I don't have make me feel sick. So I've been doing a lot of experimenting to find the right foods that will help me feel my best self. I don't want to be a skinny stick, I just want to be healthy, and gaining about a pound a day for no reason doesn't seem healthy so I'm doing something about it. right not.

Have you ever watched those documentaries on netflix about juicing, or curing cancer from eating vegan or raw or to loosing weight on a McDonald's diet? Well I've watched allllll of them and have laughed a lot, and learned some interesting things. So here is my version of one of those diet experiments, maybe someday it will be a netflix original series!!!

Also please understand this is very embarrassing and has never happened to me before. I've never been chunky and I have no idea what happened. Also this isn't just me not eating right, I've gained 30 pounds in 3-4 months, something is definitely wrong. This experiment is being monitored by my doctor, and I may not see the huge results I'm hoping for due to the hormones in my body going crazy and the addition of hormones from my fertility treatment. So please as you read and follow my journey, be supportive and encouraging, and leave all judgemental rudeness at home.

Day 1:
Here is what I look like today

I weigh: 162lbs
I fit in size 10 clothes- I HATE things being tight on my stomach, so I really would be about an 8 if I wore clothes that fit snugly on my waist.

My fibromyalgia is ok today, but I've heard the first 48 hours of a major healthy overhaul eating plan make you a little sick and your tummy clears and tries to figure out how to work at optimum.

I ate today:
gluten free cereal, no sugar
almond milk
plain yogurt with a few nuts and coconut shreds
apple with peanut butter

More foods that I can and cannot eat, exercise plan, and details about how I'm going to get healthy to come on the next post!

So here goes!!! Sutton Diet Experiment is underway!

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