Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Inspired Compassion

I was reflecting on the wonderful women in my family. My grandmother always shows me such compassion, and I don't even think she realizes it. She always says the right thing, or holds my hand when I need it or hugs me when I cry and just listens. I love that she understands so much, and that she shows everyone around her such love and patience when her whole life very few people have done the same for her.

My nana does so much for all of her children and grandchildren. I remember when I was around 5 in colorado, and one day I wasn't happy with something my mom or dad did, like put me in time out or something. So I ran to the sidewalk in front of our house and called out "Nana, Nana come get me. Nana I miss you come save me." I knew she lived over the rockies and I had learned about echos and I knew in my little heart that she would hear me. Of course she couldn't, but I still remember how I knew Nana would make me happy.

My mom made my amazing bouquet and the stunning birdcage cake at our wedding. It is so nice to have something she made decorate our home now and remind me of getting married to my handsome ken!

And my mother in law is always so supportive and encouraging. She often brings us veggies from her garden that are so beautiful and it means so much to me and I don't even think she knows how special that is. She is also always ready to help at a moments notice, even if it isn't convenient for her. I never even have to ask for help because she is always the first to offer.

Do you have wonderful women in your life who seem to do the right thing and say the right thing, and it really impacts you deeply and is just what you needed at that moment? I have amazing women in my life who do just that. I believe it's inspired compassion. They probably don't realize that an extra hug or a simple comment is the healing balm that I needed that very moment.

And the other women in my family also reach out to friends and family in need. It's wonderful to hear from them how everyone is doing and who needs what. My in laws are a strong network of compassion.

I've heard it said that often the Lord answers our prayers through another person. And I believe that's why we have families. Even if I'm not having a trial in my life at that time, it's wonderful to have that extra word of encouragement or idea to help me achieve my goals, or maybe set new ones. And it's nice to be able to serve and respond to those subtle promptings to call someone or drop by. It's very exciting to be able to be a handmaiden to our Heavenly Father by helping serve his daughters. That's why I love the visiting teaching program in our church. We are assigned a companion to go with, and we meet together with 2 or 3 assigned women in our church and give them a lesson out of the church monthly magazine, check in to see how they are doing, and offer assistance in any way we can.

I have felt that through the visiting teaching program I am often more blessed and feel a great comfort by serving others. I look forward to these monthly visits and often go more than once a month. It's wonderful to develop friendships with these women and be able to offer aid and comfort because you are friends and can easily notice when something is needed, or ask for help yourself.

I've been helping one of the young women at church feel better about herself with self confidence. I told her how I used to worry about being too fat or not pretty enough, but every morning I would get myself all dressed and put makeup on and then tell myself I was beautiful. Then I spent the rest of each day trying to give others a boost of their self confidence by telling them the truth- how cute that blazer looked or how beautiful they are or how I love being around them because they are so nice. Eventually it worked and my own self confidence was enough so that I didn't worry about myself anymore but could use my confidence to help others.

I haven't done that as much lately because I stay home and don't see a ton of people like I used to each day in high school, but it is still my goal and I've noticed that when I stop thinking about myself and instead find ways to help serve others, even if it's just by what I say to them, that I feel so much better.

Who are the people in your life that have helped you? How do you find ways to serve others daily? I love my family and am so grateful that I have so many amazing women to teach and guide me, and that I have the opportunity to teach and strengthen them as well.

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