Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Vitamins that are AMAZING!!

So since I'm allergic to Thrive, which really stinks, I tried to find vitamins that would help do the same amazing things Thrive did for me. Unfortunately I had to buy a lot of different things to make things work, but it's been helping with my swelling, pain, energy, skin, pain, sleep. Pretty much everything! It's been such a miracle. So here are the vitamins I take, and here is a list of what is in them and what they help do:

Every Woman's one daily multi: This one helps my immune system not freak out
Vit A 5000 IU
Vit C 60 mg
Vit D 1000 IU
Vit E 30 IU
Vitamin K 80 mcg
Thiamin- Vit B1 1.5mg
Riboflavin- vit B2 1.7 mg
Niacin 20mg
Vit b6 2 mg
Folate400 mcg
Vit b12 12 mcg
biotin 150 mcg
pantothenic acid 10 mg
calcium 25 mg
iron 3 mg
iodine 75 mcg
magnesium 4.5 mcg
zinc 7.5 mg
selenium 50 mcg
copper 750 mcg
manganese 1 mg
chromium 60 mcg
molybdenum 10 mcg

500 mg 2/day this one helps with energy. it's awesome, and great for cancer patients to have energy

Q- absorb Co- Q 10:
Co-Q 10 30 mg

Green Tea extract: helps with swelling and energy
Grean Tea 500 mg

Calcium Magnesium Zinc + Vit D3:
by nature made

Prenatal with DHA- helps with swelling, my fibro pain, and energy
prenatal vitamins usually do not have any hormones in them, so it's ok for a guy to take them. The prenatals really help with my energy, swelling, and making my hair skin and nails much healthier!
Whole World Botanicals: Royal Break-stone:
helps with my kidney stone pain
contains- phyllanthus niruri
Hope this helps some of you!! It sure has made a world of difference for me!

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