Thursday, April 11, 2013

Conference Camping

We went camping up near Heber for conference weekend! It was in the Forrest Lakes national park, and you don''t have to pay to camp there! That was the first time in my life we didn't have to pay! In Maine you have to pay for everything! About 50 people were there, and we all watched General conference under a big tent! It was so great to watch conference with friends!

General Conference is where members and friends from all over the world watch the Prophet and Apostles speak on issues that are important to us and let us know what the Lord would have us do. It's my favorite 10+ hour tv watching weekend! don't worry it comes in 2 hour session blocks so you can make lunch and treats! It is so amazing to feel the spirit and revelation for all of us today!

Our friends the Ivies came with us for the first night! Ken has all sorts of cool camping stuff, and he even made this wicked sweet grill that has legs and goes half in the fire half out. I took pictures when we very first got there, then set down my phone. It was nice to get away from the world and it's distractions for the weekend, but sorry for the lack of photos!

It got really cold there at night, but we had a sweet heater in our tent! Ruby did great! She was on a line so she could run around without getting into too much trouble, and at night slept in the tent in her crate. She is such a great puppy!

Her favorite part were the dried cow pies everywhere, she was in little doggie heaven!

While it was fun to be with friends, I realized I HATE camping in the cold. If it were a bit warmer I may have liked it. I used a little childrens potty training potty we bought at ikea for my bathroom, and it got coooooold! so next time we go camping somewhere I demand a real bathroom!

( my finger likes its upclose and personal debut)

Awesome canvas waterproof tent. this thing is so big you can stand in it and fit 2 queen size beds if you wanted!

Handsome hubby!
I did love General Conference. If you want to see the Modern Day Prophet speak and check out the apostles and other great leaders of our day visit!

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