Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Friends and the Fair

Here is my friend's super cute baby! I was babysitting him, and I just LOVE him!! Look at those cute cheeks and eyes!!  

Here is my friend Danyelle with her little Logan! He was getting passed over the wall to see the cow! I got to pet the cow and it was sooooooo soft. I don't think I've ever petted an adult cow and it was awesome!!

I'm lactose intolerant but I LOVE milk so I just had to endorse this sign!

To the right here we are looking awesome together!

Here is my handsome hubby. he hates pictures so he always makes crazy faces. I'm amazed how he gets his handsome face into such interesting positions.
Me and Lukey, hes so cute!!!

Ken is super manly. I wanted him to pose like Hercules but this is what I got:

 We had an awesome time petting all the animals and trying to find decent prices on caramel apples. We didn't succeed, it's much cheaper to go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and get an awesome gourmet apple. I think we will do that as a date when we go to utah next week!!!!

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