Friday, April 12, 2013

More deliciousness- enchiladas

I decided I was hungry, and what did I find in my fridge? oh just all the ingredients to make enchiladas( thanks to my careful grocery/menu planning ;))

I'm beginning to do cuponing and looking at the weekly ads to see what is on sale. I never buy things we don't like or won't use- just because it's on sale doesn't mean you need it. I know, I once spent way over budget by using cupons on everything and buying things I really didn't want or need. ( embarassing but we all have to learn somehow!) And I'm not super awesome at it yet so I just get good deals on things, nothing really free yet. But I will get there! And fulfill my lifelong dream of being on extreme cuponers!

 Moving on. I bought some chicken in bulk and cooked it the other day. I seasoned it with a dressing pack mix of some kind of ranch. I think it accidentally got into our food when we went camping with my friends, so I decided to try it out! ( I baked it on 350 for 40 minutes)

Here's what I made:

I put the shredded already cooked chicken in a bowl with 1 can corn and 1 can black beans. I mixed it all up to spread the deliciousness equally!

I only added half the jar to my chicken mixture.
Then I added this delicious enchilada sauce that seems to always be on sale at Fry's. Perfect!

( Hey look! It's my finger trying to have the spotlight, again!)


I used these super soft flour tortillas ( also on sale). I hate corn tortillas because they have a weird texture and make my mouth taste weird, so we stay away from those.

Then I spooned some chicken stuff into the center of a tortilla, made it into a line, and rolled up one side, then the other the opposite way. Basically just roll it so the good stuff doesn't fall out.

I then poured the rest of the sauce over the enchiladas. In all my awesome planning to match up with sales I thought we had enough cheese to last a lifetime so I didn't need to take advantage of the awesome amazing sale on cheeses, apparently I was dead wrong. So if you have cheese in your house, here would be a great time to add it- right on top. Lots of it!

Now while I wait for that to cook 20 minutes on 350, I will show you the easiest way to do dishes! Seriously the best thing to happen in the world!

Dishes used to stress me out so badly that I wouldn't do them for a long time, like wait until there was absolutely no room to wash hands. ( I learned I am an amazing dirty dish stacker, you don't want to know my record).

And Ken, being amazing as he always is, taught me a super simple way. It sounds like a no brainer but its a big deal!! So, first you empty out all the clean just washed dishes. Right away if you can, if not then run the washer overnight and unload it in the morning. This is key- get the clean dishes out as soon as you can.

Now that you have a clean washer, put soap in the little boxy thing and close it. That signifies to everyone that this washer is ready for dirty dishes. When the dishwasher has run that thing pops open, letting you know it's clean.

Next, as soon as you use anything, rinse it off and put it in the now-ready-for-dirty-dishes dish washer. Amazing! Now you won't have crusty dishes because you took 2 seconds to rinse it and put it in. How easy is that?! Now my sink is amazingly clean, and doing dishes is STRESS FREE!

 Amazing clean sink!!!! ahhh don't you just love it?!

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